Otto Dix

1891 Born in Untermhaus near Gera in Thuringia, south-eastern Germany, the son of a railway worker.

1909 Begins to teach himself the techniques of painting.

1914 Joins the army as a volunteer machine gunner.

1919 Studies at the Dresden Academy of Art.

1920 Works by Dix are exhibited at the International Dada Exhibition.

1922 Dix moves to Düsseldorf. Marries Martha Koch.

1923 First solo exhibition in Berlin. The Trench, is purchased by the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne but is later returned as a result of a nationalist campaign portraying the painting as anti-military.

1925 The term Neue Sachlichkeit was coined as the title of an exhibition in Mannheim. Dix is among the 32 artists represented. Moves to Berlin.

1926 Dix is appointed as a professor at the Dresden academy.

1933 After the Nazi election victory Dix is immediately dismissed from his teaching post at Dresden. His works in public museums are confiscated.

1934 Leaves Dresden for Schloss Randegg near Singen.

1936 Moves to live in Hemmenhofen on Lake Constance.

1937 His work is included in the famous exhibition of ‘Entartete Kunst’ – Degenerate Art in Munich.

1945 Conscripted into the Volkssturm – reserve militia – in the last months of World War II, Dix is captured by the French and becomes a prisoner of war.

1946 Dix is released and returns to Hemmenhofen. He is later appointed to the academies in both East and West Berlin.

1969 Dies at Singen.


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Otto Dix - Selected Works

1915 Self Portrait as Mars, Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie

1920 Souvenir of the Crystal Palace in Brussels, Paris, Musée National d’Art Moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou

1920 The Skat Players, Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie

1921 Doctor Hans Koch, Stuttgart, Staatsgalerie

1922 The Businessman Max Roesberg, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1925 Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber, Stuttgart, Staatsgalerie

1926 The Journalist Sylvia von Harden, Paris, Musée National d’Art Moderne - Centre Georges Pompidou

1926 Dr. Mayer-Hermann, New York, MOMA

1927 The Artist’s Family, Frankfurt, Städelsches Kunstinstitut

1927–8 Metropolis , Stuttgart, Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart

1931 Self Portrait, Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum

1932 The Trench, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister

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