Edward Hopper

1882 Born in Nyack, NY.

1899 After leaving school he studies commercial illustration.

1900 Attends the New York School of Art where he studies both illustrations and painting.

1906 After working part time as an illustrator Hopper travels to Paris to study European trends. Produces paintings in an Impressionist manner.

1907 Visits London, The Netherlands, Berlin and Brussels before returning to New York where he again works as an illustrator, an occupation he detests.

1908 First exhibits his work in a group show in New York.

1909 Visits Paris for four months.

1910 Makes another visit to France and Spain.

1913 Moves to live in Washington Square, New York which remains his principal home throughout his life. Exhibits at the Armory Show where he sells his first painting.

1920 Hopper holds his first one-man show at the Whitney Studio Club. Neither sales nor critical reviews are forthcoming. However he is gaining a reputation as an illustrator.

1924 Marries Josephine Nivison. Exhibits watercolors at a second one-man show selling everything.

1925 House by the Railroad becomes the first work to be acquired by the new Museum of Modern Art in New York.

1930 Hopper and his wife spend their first summer in Cape Cod.

1933 A retrospective exhibition of Hopper’s work is mounted by MOMA.

1934 Hopper and his wife build a house at Truro on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

1942 Paints Nighthawks, his most celebrated work.

1950 Hopper’s second retrospective at the Whitney Museum, held at the height of the vogue for Abstract Expressionism, attracts some criticism.

1964 A third retrospective is held at the Whitney Museum when his work is hailed by a new generation.

1967 Dies in New York.


Country, Region or State:

United States of America

Edward Hopper - Selected Works

1921 New York Interior, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1925 House by the Railroad, New York, MOMA

1927 Light at Two Lights, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1928 Night Windows, New York, MOMA

1929 Railroad Sunset, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1930 Early Sunday Morning, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1925–30 Self Portrait, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1934 Sun on Prospect Street (Gloucester, Massachusetts), Cincinnati, Art Museum

1939 New York Movie, New York, MOMA

1940 Gas, New York, MOMA

1942 Nighthawks, Chicago, Art Institute

1943 Hotel Lobby, Indianapolis Museum of Art

1948 Seven A.M., New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1955 South Carolina Morning , New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

1961 A Woman in the Sun, New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

Edward Hopper - Featured Paintings

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