George Stubbs

1724 Born in Liverpool.

c1741 Stubbs works briefly copying paintings in the collection of the Earl of Derby. He soon left this job and taught himself to paint.

c1745 Moves to York and studies anatomy at the hospital there. Illustrates a medical treatise on midwifery, etching the plates himself.

1754 Visits Rome.

1756 It is at about this time that Stubbs begins to study the anatomy of the horse.

1758 Settles in London where he soon receives a large number of commissions from the many aristocrats who were keenly interested in breeding and racing horses.

1775 Starts to exhibit at the Royal Academy.

1777 Begins to publish engravings after his own works.

1781 He is elected an RA but as he fails to provide a diploma painting this honour is withdrawn.

1782 At the RA, Stubbs exhibits five works painted on ceramic plaques supplied by Wedgwood after discussions with Josiah Wedgwood.

1806 Dies in London.


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George Stubbs - Selected Works

1762 Whistlejacket, London, National Gallery

1762 Lustre, with a Groom , New Haven, Yale Center for British Art

1764 Joseph Smyth, Lieutenant of Whittlebury Forest, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum

1766 Turf, with Jockey Up, at Newmarket, New Haven, Yale Center for British Art

1767 Lord Torrington’s Bricklayers at Southhill, Bedfordshire, Philadelphia Museum of Art

1769 Captain Samuel Sharpe Pocklington with His Wife Pleasance and Another Lady , Washington, National Gallery of Art

1769 A Lion Devouring a Horse, London, Tate

1769–70 The Milbanke and Melbourne Families, London, National Gallery

1770 A Horse Frightened by a Lion, Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery

1782 Self Portrait, Port Sunlight, Lady Lever Art Gallery

1785 Haymakers, London, Tate

1785 Reapers, London, Tate

1787 A Lady and a Gentleman in a Phaeton, London, National Gallery

1791 The Prince of Wales on Horseback, London, Royal Collection

1793 The Prince of Wales’s Phaeton, with the Coachman Samual Thomas and a Tiger-Boy, London, Royal Collection

1795 Haycarting, Port Sunlight, Lady Lever Art Gallery

1800 Hambletonian, Rubbing Down, Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland, National Trust

George Stubbs - Featured Paintings

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