Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze

1816 Born in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany.

1825 Emigrates with his family to the US, settling in Philadelphia.

1834 Studies art with John Rubens Smith in Philadelphia.

1841 He is sponsored to travel to Europe. Works with the German painter Karl Friedrich Lessing in Düsseldorf.

1842 Studies in Munich; travels in Italy.

1845 Returns to Düsseldorf where he marries and works as a painter.

1851 Travels to the USA where his Washington Crossing the Delaware is enthusiastically received.

1859 Returns to America where he is commissioned by the US Congress to decorate a stairway in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

1868 Dies in Washington DC.


Country, Region or State:

Germany United States of America

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze - Selected Works

1851 Washington Crossing the Delaware, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1854 Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth, Berkeley, University of California Art Museum

1861 Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way, Washington DC, U.S. Capitol

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze - Featured Paintings

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