c1477 or 8 Probable birth date. Born in Castelfranco in the Veneto.

1506 A portrait known as Laura (now in Vienna) has an inscription on the back dating the work and naming Giorgione as the artist.

1507 In August Giorgione begins work on a painting for the audience chamber in the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

1508 Completes the painting for the Doge’s Palace and is paid for decorative frescoes adorning the façade of the German merchants’ warehouse near the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

1510 In October Isabella d’Este wrote to her agent in Venice asking that he purchase a painting from Giorgione. The agent replied that he had recently died of plague.


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Giorgione - Selected Works

1502–05 The Tempest, Venice, Galleria dell’ Accademia

c1505 Young Man with an Arrow, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

1506 Young Woman (‘Laura’), Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

1506 Portrait of a Man, San Diego, Museum of Art

1506–7 Adoration of the Kings, London, National Gallery

c1508–09 Three Philosophers, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

1505–10 Adoration of the Shepherds, Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

1505–10 Castelfranco Altarpiece (Virgin Enthroned with SS George and Francis), Castelfranco, S Liberale

1506–10 The Sunset, London, National Gallery

1508–10 Sleeping Venus, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

Giorgione - Featured Paintings

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