Gustave Klimt


1862 Born at Baumgarten near Vienna.

1876 Enters the School of Applied Art (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Vienna.

1879 Starts working with his brother Ernst and a fellow student Franz Matsch on a number of projects.

1883 Completes his studies and forms the Artists’ Company (Kunstlercompagnie), opening a studio with his brother and Matsch.

1888 The Artists’ Company complete decorative work on the staircases of the new Burgtheater in Vienna.

1891 The Company works on the decoration of the staircase at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

1892 Klimt’s brother Ernst dies.

1894 Klimt and Matsch are commissioned to paint the ceiling of the grand auditorium at Vienna University (known as the ‘Faculty Paintings’).

1897 The Vienna Secession is founded with Klimt as first president.

1898 The First Secession exhibition takes place.

1900 Exhibits one of the unfinished paintings for the university, representing Philosophy, to a storm of protest centred on its suitability for its intended home.

1901 Klimt exhibits Medicine, the second of the pictures destined for the university. A similar furore erupts, leading to the matter being debated in the Austrian Parliament.

1905 Klimt renounces the contracts for the ‘Faculty Paintings’ and buys them himself. He resigns from the Secession.

1908 Exhibits 16 paintings at the Kunstschau in Vienna. His iconic work, The Kiss is bought by the Austrian State Gallery.

1911 The Villa Stoclet is completed in Brussels with a frieze designed by Klimt for the dining room combining mosaic and painted panels.

1913 Spends the summer at Lake Garda.

1918 Suffers a stroke in January and, weakened by this, succumbs to influenza in February, one of the many killed in the pandemic.



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Gustave Klimt - Selected Works

1890 Portrait of Joseph Pembauer, Innsbruck, Tiroler Landsmuseum Ferdinandeum

1898 Portrait of Sonja Knips, Vienna, Belvedere

1898 Pallas Athena, Vienna, Wein Museum

1899 Portrait of Serena Lederer, New York, Metropolitan Museum

1899 Calm Pond, Vienna, Leopold Museum

1900 Farmhouse with Birch Trees, Vienna, Belvedere

1900 Attersee I, Vienna, Leopold Museum

1901 Judith I, Vienna, Belvedere

1901–02 The ‘Beethoven’ Frieze, Vienna, Secession Building

1902 Portrait of Emilie Flöge, Vienna, Wein Museum

1902 Portrait of Marie Henneberg, Halle, Moritzburg State Gallery

1903 Hope I, Ottawa, National Gallery of Canada

1904 Portrait of Hermine Gallia, London, Tate

1904 Roses under Trees, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1905 The Three Ages of Woman, Rome, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna

1905 Portrait of Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein, Munich, Neue Pinakothek

1906 Farm Garden with Sunflowers, Vienna, Belvedere

1906 Fritza Riedler , Vienna, Belvedere

1907 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, New York, Neue Gallerie

1904–7 Water Serpents I, Vienna, Belvedere

1908 The Kiss, Vienna, Belvedere

1907–8 Hope II, New York, MOMA

1909 Judith II (Salome), Venice, Galeria d’Arte Moderna

1911 Death and Life, Vienna, Leopold Museum

c1912 Avenue at Schloss Kammer, Vienna, Belvedere

1913 The Virgin, Prague, Národní Gallery

1913–14 Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

1915 Litzberg on the Attersee, Salzburg, Museum der Moderne

1916 Portrait of Friederike-Maria Beer, New York, Guggenheim Museum

1916 Houses at Unterach on the Attersee, Vienna, Belvedere

1917 Baby, Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

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