Paul Cézanne

1839 Born in Aix-en-Provence the son of a prominent businessman.

1852 At school, he meets Émile Zola who becomes a close friend.

1857 Enrols at the École Municipale du Dessin in Aix.

1859 Under pressure from his father he studies law at the University in Aix. His father buys an estate near Aix, the Jas de Bouffan, where Cézanne sets up a studio.

1861 Moves to Paris after abandoning university. Attends the Académie Suisse.

1862 After a period back in Aix Cézanne returns to Paris.

1863 Fails the entrance exam for the École des Beaux-Arts. Exhibits at the Salon des Refusés (in company with Manet and Pissarro).

1869 Meets Hortense Fiquet, a nineteen-year-old model who becomes his mistress.

1870 At the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war he quits Paris for L’Estaque near Marseille.

1871 Returns to Paris after the fall of the Commune.

1872 Hortense gives birth to a son (Paul). Cézanne hides his son’s existence from his father. Moves his family to Pontoise where he works outdoors with Pissarro who he thought of as his master.

1873 Stays with his family in Dr Gachet’s house in Auvers-sue-Oise. Meets van Gogh.

1874 Exhibits at the First Impressionist Exhibition where his paintings come in for particular criticism from the press.

1877 Shows 16 works at the Third Impressionist Exhibition. The critics are again scornful and he resolves not to take part in further group shows.

1878 Moves to live in L’Estaque but makes annual trips to Paris.

1881 Works with Pissarro again in Pontoise.

1884 Monet and Renoir visit Cézanne at L’Estaque.

1886 Cézanne falls out with Zola after the publication of the latter’s novel L’Ouvre in which Cézanne recognises himself as the main character, a failed artist. Marries Hortense in April. His father dies in October.

1890 Spends five months in Switzerland with his family.

1892 Buys a house near the forest of Fontainebleau.

1894 Visits Monet at Giverny where he meets Rodin and Georges Clemenceau.

1895 Ambroise Vollard shows 150 works by Cézanne.

1896 Spends two months at Taillores on the Lac d’Annecy.

1899 Sells the Jas de Bouffan and moves to a flat in Aix; his wife and son remain in Paris.

1901 Builds a studio at Les Lauves on a hill overlooking Aix.

1903 Exhibits seven pictures at the Vienna Secession.

1904 At the Salon d’Automne Cézanne’s paintings fill a room.

1906 Dies at Aix-en-Provence.



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Paul Cézanne - Selected Works

late 1860s The Stove in the Studio, London, National Gallery

1873 House of the Hanged Man, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1873 Dr. Gachet’s House, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1873 A Modern Olympia, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1877–80 Self Portrait, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1879 A Farmyard at Auvers, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1879–80 Still Life with Fruit Dish, New York, MOMA

1879–80 Poplars, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1885 L’Estaque, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

c1885 The Bather , New York, MOMA

c1885 The Bay of Marseilles seen from L’Estaque, Chicago, Art Institute

1885–7 Five Bathers, Basel, Kunstmuseum

c1887 Montagne Sainte-Victoire, London, Courtauld Institute Galleries

1888 Avenue at Chantilly, London, National Gallery

Late 1880s The Pool at the Jas de Bouffan, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1888–90 View of the Domaine Saint-Joseph, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1888–90 Boy in a Red Waistcoat, Washington DC , National Gallery of Art

1890 Still Life: Milk Jug and Fruit on a Table, Oslo, Nasjonalgalleriet

1892 Bathers, St Louis, City Art Museum

1893 The Basket of Fruit, Chicago, Art Institute

c1894 Still Life with Plaster Cast , London, Courtauld Institute Galleries

1892–5 The Card Players, London, Courtauld Institute Galleries

1895 Madame Cézanne in a Yellow Armchair, Chicago, Art Institute

1890–95 The Card Players, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1896 An Old Woman with a Rosary , London, National Gallery

1896 Lac d’Annecy, London, Courtauld Institute Galleries

c1897 Apples and Oranges, Paris, Musée d’Orsay

1904 The grounds of the Château Noir, London, National Gallery

1894–1905 Les Grand Baigneuses I , London, National Gallery

1905 Château Noir, Paris, Musée Picasso

1900–06 Bathers, London, National Gallery

1904–06 Mont Ste-Victoire, Philadelphia Museum of Art

1906 Mont Ste-Victoire, Zurich, Kunsthaus

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