Johannes Vermeer

1632 Born in Delft.

1652 Vermeer inherits his father’s property which includes an inn.

1653 Marries Catherina Bolnes, who is a Catholic, in spite of the initial opposition of his future mother-in-law. Vermeer seems to have converted to Catholicism possibly to mollify his wife’s mother. In October he is admitted to the Delft Guild of St Luke as a master.

1662–3 Serves for the first time as hoofdman (headman) of the painters’ guild.

1670–1 Serves again as hoofdman.

1672 Vermeer is summoned to The Hague in order to authenticate the attribution of paintings ascribed to Holbein, Raphael and Titian among others.

1675 Dies in Delft leaving 11 children.

1676 Catherina petitions for bankruptcy.


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Johannes Vermeer - Selected Works

1654 Christ in the House of Martha and Mary , Edinburgh, National Gallery of Scotland

1656 The Procuress, Dresden, GemŠäldegalerie Alte Meister

c1657 A Woman Asleep at a Table, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

c1658 The Milkmaid , Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

c1658 A Lady Drinking and a Gentleman, Berlin, Staatliche Museen

c1658 View of Houses in Delf (The Little Street), Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

c1659 Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window, Dresden, GemŠäldegalerie Alte Meister

c1660 View of Delft, The Hague, Mauritshuis

Early 1660’s Young Woman with a Water Jug , New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1655–60 Officer and Laughing Girl, New York, Frick Collection

c1661 The Glass of Wine, Berlin, Gemäldegalerie

1661 A Girl Interupted at her Music , New York, Frick Collection

1662 Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Berlin, GemäŠldegalerie

c1664 Woman Holding a Balance , Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

1664 A Woman in Blue Reading a Letter , Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

c1665 A Lady Writing , Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

c1665 Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Hague, Mauritshuis

1665–66 The Concert, Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

c1666–7 The Art of Painting, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

c1668 The Astronomer , Paris, MusŽe du Louvre

c1668 The Geographer , Frankfurt, Städelsches Kunstinstitut

c1670 Young Woman standing at a Virginal , London, National Gallery

c1670 The Lacemaker, Paris, MusŽe du Louvre

1669–70 The Letter , Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

1665–70 Mistress and Maid, New York, Frick Collection

c1670 Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid, Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland

c1670 Lady Standing at a Virginal, London, National Gallery

c1672 The Guitar Player , London, Kenwood House

c1673 Lady Seated at a Virginal, London, National Gallery

1671–74 Allegory of Faith, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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