Georges de la Tour

1593 Born in Vic-sur-Seille, Lorraine (eastern France).

1617 La Tour marries Diane Le Nerf.

1620 Moves to live with his wife in Lunéville, where he specializes in religious and genre scenes. He engages an apprentice.

1621 La Tour’s son, Etienne is baptised (August 2nd) at Lunéville.

1639 Visits Paris. A document describes him as peintre du roi (Painter to the King).

1640s Receives a number of well paid commissions from the town of Lunéville.

1652 Dies in Lunéville.


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Georges de la Tour - Selected Works

c1615 The Quarrel of the Musicians, Los Angeles, J Paul Getty Museum

c1620 St Jerome Reading, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

1615–20 St James the Minor, Albi, MuséŽe Toulouse-Lautrec

1615–20 St James the Greater , Albi, MuséŽe Toulouse-Lautrec

1615–20 St Paul, Albi, MusŽée Toulouse-Lautrec

1620–30 Hurdy-Gurdy Player, Nantes, MusŽée des Beaux-Arts

1630s The Fortune Teller , New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1632 St Thomas (Saint with a Pike), Paris, MusŽée du Louvre

c1635 The Magdalene with the Nightlight, Paris, MusŽée du Louvre

1635 The Card Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds, Paris, MuséŽe du Louvre

c1638 Woman Catching a Flea, Nancy, MusŽée Historique Lorrain

1640 Boy Blowing on a Lamp, Dijon, MusŽée des Beaux-Arts

1620–40 The Card-Sharp with the Ace of Clubs, Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Museum

1635–40 Penitent Magdelene, Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

1638–40 The Penitent Magdelene, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

c1640 Education of the Virgin, New York, Frick Collection

1640s St Joseph, the Carpenter, Paris, MuséŽe du Louvre

1643 The Penitent Magdalen, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1634–43 St Sebastian Tended by St Irene, Berlin, GemŠäldegalerie

c1645 The Newborn, Rennes, MuséŽe des Beaux-Arts

c1650 The Young Singer, Leicester City Museum

1650–51 The Dice Players, Stockton-on-Tees, Preston Hall Museum

Georges de la Tour - Featured Paintings

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