Fra Filippo Lippi

c1406 Born in Florence.

1421 Takes monastic vows at the Convent of the Carmine in Florence; subsequently trains as a painter at the monastery.

1420s First works created; influenced by Masaccio and Masolino, who are working on frescoes in the Brancacci chapel in Church of the Carmine in the 1420s.

1428 Named sub-prior of the Carmelite convent in Siena.

c1434 Recorded working as an artist in Padua.

1437 Returns to Florence, becoming one of city’s leading artists.

1456 According to Vasari’s Lives of the Artists, while in Prato (near Florence) for a commission, Fra Filippo abducts a nun, Lucrezia Buti, with whom he has a son, Filippino.

1461 With the help of his patron, Cosimo de Medici, Fra Filippo and Lucrezia Buti are released from their religious vows and marry.

1469 Dies in Spoleto, where he had been working on a fresco cycle for the cathedral with his son, Filippino. Reflecting his status as an artist, he is buried in the cathedral.


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Fra Filippo Lippi - Selected Works

1437 Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1437 The Doctors of the Church, Turin, Accademina Albertina

1437-38 Madonna and Child with St Fredianus and St Augustine, Paris, Musée du Louvre

1440 Madonna and Child, Washington DC , National Gallery of Art

1440 The Annunciation with Kneeling Donors, Rome, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica

c1440 Portrait of a Woman at a Casement, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1443 Annunciation, Munich, Alte Pinakothek

1441-45 Coronation of the Virgin, Vatican, Pinacoteca Vaticana

1445 Adoration of the Magi, Washington DC , National Gallery of Art

1445 Annunciation, Florence, San Lorenzo

1447 St Bernard's Vision of the Virgin, London, National Gallery

1441-47 Coronation of the Virgin, Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

1450s The Annunciation, London, National Gallery

1450s Seven Saints, London, National Gallery

1452 Virgin and Child with Scenes from the Life of St Anne, Florence, Palazzo Pitti

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