1395 The probable date of Pisanello’s birth either in Pisa or Verona.

c1415–22 Works with Gentile da Fabriano at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

1422 He is in Mantua working for the Gonzaga family.

1424 Pisanello is documented as being in Verona and he may also have painted some frescoes in Pavia.

1424–6 Paints the Annunciation in S. Fermo in Verona.

1427 Gentile da Fabriano dies bequeathing his brushes and other equipment to Pisanello.

1431–2 Pisanello completes frescoes started by Gentile in S. Giovanni in Laterano in Rome but which had been left incomplete at his death.

1433–8 Living in Verona with his wife and daughter.

1438 Pisanello is in Ferrara when the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus visits the city for an ecumenical council. He later strikes a medal to commemorate the event.

1440 He is in Milan.

1441 Returns to Ferrara.

1442 Probably the year he completes the frescoes of War and Chivalry in the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

1448 Arrives in Naples.

1449 Last documented reference to Pisanello in Naples.



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Pisanello - Selected Works

1425 Brenzoni Monument (with Nanni di Bartolo), Verona, San Fermo Maggiore

c1433 Emperor Sigismund, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

1435–41 Virgin and Child with Saints, London, National Gallery

1438–42 Vision of St Eustace, London, National Gallery

1439–42 Tournament Scene , Mantua, Palazzo Ducale

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