Claude Lorrain

1604–5 Born Claude Gellée in Chamagne, a small village near Nancy in the duchy of Lorraine. His date of birth remains a matter of debate despite his tomb in Rome being inscribed with the year 1600.

1617 He probably travels to Rome at about this time.

1618 Arrives in Naples on or after this date. He later studies painting under Agostino Tassi in Rome.

1625 Returns to Lorraine where he works on some frescoes for the Carmelite church in Nancy which are now destroyed.

1626–7 Returns to Rome, where he takes up permanent residence.

1633 Becomes a member of the Accademia di S. Luca. His reputation grows.

1635 or 6 Prompted by the appearance of a number of forgeries, Claude begins his ‘Liber Veritatis’ – a large book containing 195 drawings recording the great majority of his paintings before they left his studio.

1637 His fame results in a commission to paint Seaport (now in Alnwick Castle, Northumberland) for Pope Urban VIII.

1658 Claude becomes guardian of a young girl, Agnès who may have been his illegitimate daughter (he never married).

1662 Jean Gellée, a nephew, comes to Rome to live in the artist’s household.

1679 Another nephew arrives to live with Claude.

1682 Dies in Rome.


Country, Region or State:

France Italy

Claude Lorrain - Selected Works

1631 The Mill, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

1632 A View in Rome, London, National Gallery

c1634 Landscape with Goatherd, Oxford, Ashmolean Museum 1639 Seaport at Sunset, Paris, Musée du Louvre

1637-9 Embarkation of St Paula Romana at Ostia, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

1640 Harbour Scene with Grieving Heliades, Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum

1641 Seaport with the Embarkation of Saint Ursula, London, National Gallery

1642-3 The Disembarkation of Cleopatra at Tarsus, Paris, Musée du Louvre

1644 Landscape with Narcissus and Echo, London, National Gallery

1644 A Seaport, London, National Gallery

1645 Landscape with Cephalus and Procris reunited by Diana, London, National Gallery

c1645 Pastoral Landscape with the Ponte Molle, Birmingham, Museums and Art Gallery

1647 Landscape with the Rest in the Flight to Egypt, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

1648 Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, London, National Gallery

1655 The Rape of Europa, Moscow, Pushkin State Museum

1656 Sermon on the Mount, New York, Frick Collection

1657 Landscape with Acis and Galathe, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

1664 Landscape with Psyche outside the Palace of Cupid. (The Enchanted Castle), London, National Gallery

1666 Morning, Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum

1666 Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt, St Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum

1667 Coast Scene with the Rape of Europa, London, Royal Collection

1668 The Expulsion of Hagar, Munich, Alte Pinakothek

1672 Landscape with Aeneas at Delos, London, National Gallery

1672 Night, Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum

1676 View of Carthage with Dido and Aeneas, Hamberg, Kunsthalle

1678 Landscape with St Philip Baptising the Eunuch, Cardiff, National Museum of Wales

1680 Apollo and the Muses on Mount Helion, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

1681 Landscape with Christ Apperaing to Mary Magdalen (’Noli me Tangere’), Frankfurt, Städelsches Kunstinstitut

1682 Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Silvia, Oxford, Ashmolean Museum

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