c1450 Born Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci at Città della Pieve in Umbria

1472 He is a member of the Florentine artists guild, the Compagnia di S Luca. According to Vasari he entered the studio of Andrea Verrocchio where he may have met Leonardo.

c1479 Executes a fresco for Pope Sixtus IV in the Cappella della Concezione, Old St Peters, Rome. Destroyed when the church was rebuilt.

1480-2 Perugino, probably working with Sandro Botticelli, is asked by Sixtus IV to plan several frescoes for a frieze on the lateral walls of a newly refurbished chapel, later named after the Pope. The Life of Christ was the theme for the south wall and the Life of Moses for the north. The wonderful Giving of the Keys to St Peter and the Circumcision of Moses were painted by Perugino.

1482 Engaged to paint a wall in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence but fails to fulfill the contract.

1484 Completes decorative paintings for the coronation of Pope Innocent VIII in Rome.

1486 He is made a citizen of Perugia. Paints a Crucifixion for the S Maria degli Angeli in the city, now lost.

1486-7 Perugino is in Florence. He may have collaborated with Botticelli, Filuppino Lippi and Ghirlandaio on a series of mythological scenes for Lorenzo the Magnificent.

1489 He is invited to Orvieto to complete a fresco started by Fra Angelico but failed to agree to terms and carried on to Rome.

1493 Marries Chiara Fancelli in Florence. She brings a dowery of 500 gold florins. Buys property in Florence.

1494 Agrees to fresco a wall in the Sala del Gran Consiglio in the Palazzo Ducale, Venice. The fee was 400 ducats but he never fulfilled the commission. 20 years later Titian carried out the work for a much smaller fee. Perugino's services are sought after throughout Italy.

Later 1490s He is working primarily in Perugia.

1494 – 1504 A number of scholars believe that Raphael may have been apprenticed to Perugino during this period. Many feel that early in Raphael's career he assimilated much of Perugino's style.

c1500 Perugino's fame reaches its apogee. He works in Florence, Perugia, Siena and Rome as well as a number of Umbrian towns. Holds political office as priori in Perugia.

c1508 He is working in Rome on the decoration of a suite of rooms for Pope Julius II with Signorelli and other.

1520: Completes an altarpiece in S Severo, Perugia left unfinished by Raphael at his death


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Perugino - Selected Works

c1475 Adoration of the Magi, Perugia, Galeria Nacional dell' Umbria

1480-82: Giving of the Keys to St Peter, Rome, Sistine Chapel

c1480s: Crucifixion, Washington DC, National Gallery of Art

c1480s: Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels and Saints, Paris, Louvre

c1480s: Apollo and Daphnis, Paris, Louvre

c1491: Vision of St Bernard, Munich, Alte Pinakothek

1493: Virgin and Child, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

1490s: Lamentation, Florence, Pitti Palace

1499: St Michael, Virgin and Child and St Raphael with Tobias (surviving panels of an altarpiece from the Certosa di Pavia), London, National Gallery

1502-6: Crucifixion with Augustinian Saints, Siena, S Agostino

1505: Martyrdom of St Sebastian, Panicale, S Sebastian

1505: Battle between Love and Chastity, Paris, Musée du Louvre

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