Gentile da Fabriano

c1385 Gentile di Niccolo di Massio is born in Fabriano near Ancona

1408  Gentile is working in Venice. The first documented record for him is a payment for a panel to be painted for Francesco Amadi of Venice.

1414 By January Gentile has moved to Brescia where he works on Frecoes for the court house.

1419 In September Gentile da Fabriano travels from Brescia to settle in Florence.

1425 Gentile rents a house in Siena but also visits Orvieto to paint a fresco in the cathedral.

1427 Gentile da Fabriano travels to Rome where he is commissioned by the Pope to paint frescoes for the church of S Giovanni in Laterano. In October he is recorded as having died.


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Gentile da Fabriano - Selected Works

c1410 Coronation of the Virgin, Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera

1423 Adoration of the Magi, Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

1423–5 Madonna and Child with SS Lawrence and Julian, New York, Frick Collection

1425 The Madonna and Child with Angels (part of the Quaratesi Alterpiece), London, National Gallery.

1425 Pilgrims at the Tomb of St Nicholas, Washington DC , National Gallery of Art

Gentile da Fabriano - Featured Paintings

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