c1489 Born Antonio Allegri in Correggio a town about thirty miles from Parma.

1514 Receives a commission to paint organ shutters at an abbey near Mantua.

1515 Completes an altarpiece (The Virgin of St. Francis) for the church of S Francesco in Correggio.

1518–19 Most scholars postulate a journey to Rome at this time.

1522 Correggio completes frescoes in the dome of the church of S Giovanni Evangelista in Parma. Wins the commission to decorate the dome of Parma Cathedral.

1530 Completes the frescoes for the Cathedral dome.

1534 Dies in Correggio.


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Correggio - Selected Works

1514–15 Virgin with St Francis, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

1524 The Ascension of Christ, Parma, church of San Giovanni

c1524 Madonna with the Basket, London, National Gallery

1525 Venus with Mercury and Cupid (The School of Love), London, National Gallery

c1530 Jupiter and Io, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

c1530 Adoration of the Shepherds, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

1522–30 The Holy Night, Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

1531 Abduction of Ganymede, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

c1532 Leda and the Swan, Berlin, Gemäldegalerie

Correggio - Featured Paintings

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