Frederic Edwin Church

1826 Frederic Edwin Church is born in Hartford, Connecticut.

1844 Church studies with Thomas Cole.

1847 Settles in New York.

1849 Elected as a member of the National Academy of Design.

1850 First visits Maine, beginning a long association with that state.

1853 Having been inspired by the writings of Alexander von Humbolt, Church travels to South America.

1857 Exhibits Niagara, the work that ensured his fame throughout the United States.

1857 Church returns to South America.

1859 Heart of the Andes is displayed in New York to great acclaim before touring the USA and Britain.

1860 Buys a farm in Hudson, New York and marries Isabel Carnes.

1865 Visits Jamaica.

1867 Buys land above his farm on which he later builds his home ‘Olana.’

1867–9 Tours Europe and the Levant, staying in London on his return journey to study the works of J.M.W. Turner.

1900 Dies in New York, spending the last decades of his life at his home ‘Olana.’ which affords wonderful views of the Catskills.


Country, Region or State:

United States of America

Frederic Edwin Church - Selected Works

c1850 Otter Creek, Mount Desert, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

1854 The Falls of Tequendama near Bogota, Cincinnati, Art Museum

1855 Cotopaxi, Houston, Museum of Fine Arts

1859 The Heart of the Andes, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1865 Aurora Borealis, Washington DC , Smithsonian American Art Museum

1867 Pichincha, Philadelphia Museum of Art

1867 Niagara Falls from the American Side, Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland

1873 Tropical Scenery, New York, Brooklyn Museum

Frederic Edwin Church - Featured Paintings

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