Arnold Böcklin

1827 Born in Basel.

1846 Attends the Düsseldorf academy.

1848 Böcklin is in Paris, remaining there throughout the revolutionary uprisings which engulf the city during the year. He is influenced by the work of Couture and Corot.

1850 Leaves Paris for Rome.

1853 Marries Angela Pascucci, the daughter of a papal guard, in Rome.

1857 Leaves Rome to work on a short-lived commission in Hanover.

1858 Moves to live in Munich.

1859 Böcklin’s painting Pan in the Reeds is purchased by King Maximilian II of Bavaria.

1862 Returns to live in Rome.

1863 Visits Pompeii and studies the wall paintings there.

1866 Takes up residence again in Basel where he works on commissions at the museum there.

1870 Böcklin is in Paris but with the advent of the Franco Prussian war he returns to Basel.

1871 Returns to Munich.

1874 Böcklin leaves Munich at the onset of cholera and settles in Florence.

1885 Returns with his family to Switzerland and settles in Zurich.

1890 His love of Italy leads him to leave Switzerland and he moves to live in Viareggio.

1892 Böcklin suffers a stroke.

1894 He purchases the Villa Bellagio in San Domenico near Fiesole.

1901 Dies at San Domenico.


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Arnold Böcklin - Selected Works

1858 Pan in the Reeds, Munich, Neue Pinakothek

1859 Pan Frightening a Shepherd, Basel, Kunstmuseum

1872 Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle, Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie

1871–4 Villa by the Sea, Frankfurt, StäŠdelsches Kunstinstitut

1878 Centaur Looking at Fish, Zurich, Kunsthaus

1879 Spring Evening, Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts

1880 Island of the Dead (1st Version), New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1880 Island of the Dead, Basel, Kunstmuseum

1881 Summer Day , Dresden, GemŠäldegalerie Neue Meister

1883 Ulysses and Calypso, Basel, Kunstmuseum

1885 Sleeping Diana Watched by Two Fauns, DüŸsseldorf, Museum Kunstpalast

1896 Odysseus and Polyphemus, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

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